Vivid Arts is a forum for IMVU related art. By art we mean, Homepage Layouts and Dp Art, etc. Please enjoy, and use this forum!
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PostSubject: |VIVID ARTS| RULES AND GUIDELINES (PLEASE READ!)   Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:07 pm


Upon sign up you are expect to have read and understand the rules. Therefore, you cannot use the excuse you didn't know upon violating any rules.

Hello, and Welcome to Vivid Arts! We're so glad you could join us in our new Forum. This forum was made to combine Layout Art and DP/Drawing/Painting Art together for IMVU user to use. If you're not a IMVU user, but still wish to join, please sign up here. We are in no way affiliated with the GASR, HBAD, or IMVU in anyway. We are a new forum that wishes to take proper care of theft, and attempting to make a equally treated environment for our users. We have no control over theft on IMVU, and we have no control over theft in other forums. Thank you, and please review these rules so we can establish a healthy environment for Vivid Arts.

under con.

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PostSubject: Re: |VIVID ARTS| RULES AND GUIDELINES (PLEASE READ!)   Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:52 pm


 The Vivid Arts Staff takes theft very seriously. The reason Vivid Arts was made was mostly due to theft, so in order to keep theft to a minimum on Vivid Arts, we've establish a way for users to report Theft easily, but wisely. But also by reporting theft, you're directly saying that said person has Copied, Traced, or stolen a image that is not their own. But before we explain how, please note: 

    To report a user for theft: You must first find proof.

Proof is essential to reporting accurate theft. With out having any proof, we can do nothing but monitor the user. Thus, providing proof would allow us to take appropriate action against the thief.  
** If you do not have Proof we will ignore your case and move on to the next.
As PRISM does take theft very seriously, again, we cannot take any action with out proof, and therefore cannot punish the said thief/user properly.

     We can only punish users on Vivid Arts.

We have no juristiction to theft on HBAD, GASR, or IMVU. Vivid Arts users who steal are the only users we can punish and take proper action against. However, that does not go to say that we cannot message the GASR or HBAD Admins about a certain user giving them a heads up. Do keep that in mind.


When sending a report, you must have THREE valid things. Username, Proof, and explanation. We require these things so we can fully understand what exactly is wrong/going on. Our staff will work extra to try and figure it out and send out proper punishment, but we need to know these things to do so.


    It's obvious, we need a name in order to to apply punishment to the right user. Otherwise there really is not case, and our Staff cannot take proper action.** Your case will be ignored without a username to admit punishment on.


    Proof is necessary for ALL reports. Without proof, there is nothing backing up your claim, Therefore there is no case. Again, with out proof we have no way of knowing legitimately that there is a issues, and not just a claim.** Your case will be ignored without proof.


    Although this is not as serious as the other two, it still is important for us as the staff to understand the situation thoroughly. Your case will not be ignored if you lack this part, but will be responded for ether more explanation or we'll understand the just and admit punishment.


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PostSubject: Re: |VIVID ARTS| RULES AND GUIDELINES (PLEASE READ!)   Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:53 pm



The Mods/Admins and I have establish a Warning bar system that take off precentage. Admins will deduct precentage when a user violates the rules. The lower the precentage,, the closer you are to getting banned for good. However, don't get too scared, we are offering ways to earn you warning precentage back. However it will take time, and a great deal of waiting. We have a heavy time frame because we want to give people a second chance, however, for those who want to continue theft, will get caught and banned quicker.

Warning Bars look like this, I've also added how many warnings each one represents:

    No Warnings

    1 Warning

    2 Warnings

    3 Warnings


What you can do to get a "warning":

    + Steal, copy, trace.
    + Spam any thread
    + Scam users
    + Offer AP art out of PM
    + Having muliple accounts.
    + Violations of Forumotion's ToS

For usual things such as Spaming threads, Having multiple accounts, having a highly negative attitude. We will give back percentage over 3 months.

However, for Scamming, Theft, and/or having violated the Forumotion ToS we will offer back percentage, as you prove yourself worthy of it. It will not be given back over a period of time. If we can see that you've not stolen, scammed, or violated anything anymore, we will proceed to grant percentage back. However, you cannot ask for your percentage back, it will only be granted back when you prove yourself redeemed.


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PostSubject: Re: |VIVID ARTS| RULES AND GUIDELINES (PLEASE READ!)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:54 pm

AP vs. GA
Access Pass vs. General Audience

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